How to Manage Shifting One Week before Move

Shifting is one of the very important decisions of ones life. A big risk is always surrounded in shifting that whether the possession will reach to its destination safely or not. The process of shifting needs time and patience, failing in any of the same could lead to a big loss in the end. But unfortunately there are few people who have to cope up with their shifting in haste. Few have month’s time, but few are supposed to manage it all in a week’s time. If you also are moving in a Huss with only one weeks time in hand, then the best suggestion for you is don’t panic and move managed.

Stepping forward in a successful move with one week’s time is not a rocket science. One can attain a level of succession if planned and moved properly well. Hence management is the prime factor and rests all moves behind it. One week time is less but is not insufficient first of all you need to grasp this point. Don’t panic as you still have seven days in hands. So first of all decide what mode you would be using to pack and move your stuff.

Either you want to do it yourself or will go with the aid of packers and movers. Be quick in decision making bud don’t make a wrong decision. If you want to take the services of packers and movers hire them by checking their credentials. At this point of time it would be better if you take your friends and relatives suggestion if they have also redeemed the services from movers and packers in their shifting.

As you are running shortage of time, hence it would not be good if you waste your time in packing useless goods. Sort out all the goods and things that are of no use to you. This may include clothing, old furniture, electronic items, toys etc. This will not only save your time but through this you can also earn some money out of things that are waste for you. Make a list, a list will help you get the exact estimate of packing materials and supplies. Start packing with fragile items as it takes time. Packing fragile in a hurry can make you loose your possession over it. Don’t forget to mark the boxes as “FRAGILE” and “HANDLE WITH CARE”. Items of less usage can be packed at the beginning and bedroom and kitchen are the areas that you need to pack at the last. Therefore be managed and planned because still there are seven days for the final countdown.

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